2019/07/12 New version 1.20.0.
2019/04/13 New version 1.19.3.

Squash TM is an open source tool for test repository management: requirements management, test cases, campaign and more... Squash TM is full web and natively inter- and multi- projects. 

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Stable version : version 1.20.0(content) 
Pipeline version : version 1.21.0 (roadmap)
Due in S2 2019
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05/25/2018 New version 1.10.1

Squash TA is an open source tool that aims to rationalize and optimize automated tests. Using Selenium for web applications, it can also manage automated tests for batches and web services.

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Current version : version 1.10.1 (content) 
Pipeline version : version 1.11.0 (roadmap)
Projected end july 2017
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Squash TM 1.19.0 is out!

Squash TM 1.19.0 new release is available for download.


This version contains new features such as:


  • New Automation Workspace: to manage test cases eligible for automation with an automation workflow. It has two views, a functional tester view and an automated test writer view. The functional tester can select test cases eligible for automation and the automated test writer can indicate their automation status.
  • New "Automated test writer" profile for automation
  • Create a test case tree structure form requirements: the test cases created will automatically have the name, the reference and the description of the requirements they have been created from. Their weight will match the requirements criticality. A link is automatically created between the requirements and the test cases.
  • Mass association between requirements: it is now possible to link at once several requirements to another requirement
  • Link requirements and test cases: the tree structure remains open as it was during the previous association
  • Add "Requirements verified" information at the step 0 of an execution and the execution consultation page
  • Predefined colors for default lists in custom charts: the default lists items will always have the same color when creating charts
  • Associate a color to a custom list item or to a custom field "dropdown list" item for custom charts: the selected colors will be displayed in the custom chart created with these attributes
  • Add custom fields to folders in Requirements, Test cases and Campaign workspaces
  • Reorganization of the "Custom fields" tab of a project
  • New export option for search results: to export search results with XLS format as they are displayed in the search results page
  • Projects from the last research remain selected for a new search
  • New research criteria for requirements on links between requirement and for test cases on their automation eligibility and status


  • Links between Jira issues can be converted into links between Squash requirements with a new mapping and can be synchronized in Squash
  • Automatic link in Jira between an issue reported in Squash and a synchronized Jira user story if the issue is linked to an execution of a test case that verifies this user story (Pro License, SquashBT.Jira is mandatory).

LDAP/AD (Premium License):

  • Connection from several sources: it is now possible to connect to Squash with users known by LDAP (or AD) or by Squash (locally)

Git connector:

  • Git connector is a new plugin to integrate Squash TM with Git for the automation of Gherkin test cases created in Squash. It is possible to transmit (push) Gherkin test cases in a Git source code manager

And smaller enhancements as well as numerous corrections within the whole application (see Mantis issues number in the release note).