2019/07/12 New version 1.20.0.
2019/04/13 New version 1.19.3.

Squash TM is an open source tool for test repository management: requirements management, test cases, campaign and more... Squash TM is full web and natively inter- and multi- projects. 

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Stable version : version 1.20.0(content) 
Pipeline version : version 1.21.0 (roadmap)
Due in S2 2019
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05/25/2018 New version 1.10.1

Squash TA is an open source tool that aims to rationalize and optimize automated tests. Using Selenium for web applications, it can also manage automated tests for batches and web services.

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Current version : version 1.10.1 (content) 
Pipeline version : version 1.11.0 (roadmap)
Projected end july 2017
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Squash TM 1.18.0 is out!

Squash TM 1.18.0.new release is available for download.

This version contains new features such as:


  • Writing test cases with Gherkin language: in order to do Behavior Driven Testing and to export test cases to Cucumber format
  • Reports in dashboards: it is now possible to add reports in customized dashboards, these reports will have permanent perimeter, regardless of the selection in the library
  • Propagation of project template modifications to linked projects: modifications of attributes of a project template will be spread to projects linked to this template
  • Downloading log file from the administration workspace: log file can now be downloaded from the administration workspace
  • Performance improvement in the Management workspace
  • New API features: requirements, steps, projects, users and more are now managed
  • Storage of attachments in an external repository: attachments can be stored outside of the Squash TM database, in an external folder
  • OAuth 1a protocol for JIRA: Squash-JIRA communication can be done through an OAuth 1a protocol
  • Execution Plan Wizard (Premium License): it is now possible to create execution plans with as a criteria, attributes of issues linked to test cases (it only work with Jira)
  • SquashBT.Jira connector (Pro License): use of markdown Jira for the layout of reported Jira issues


  • Connection history: it is now possible to see and export the connection history from the administration workspace
  • SAML connector (Premium License): authentication delegated to SSO SAML 2


TM-TA link:

  • Custom fields for tests suites in TM-TA interface
  • Job selection in TM-TA multi-repository


And smaller enhancements as well as numerous corrections within the whole application (see Mantis issues number in the release note).