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Squash TM is an open source tool for test repository management: requirements management, test cases, campaign and more... Squash TM is full web and natively inter- and multi- projects. 

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Squash TA is an open source tool that aims to rationalize and optimize automated tests. Using Selenium for web applications, it can also manage automated tests for batches and web services.

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Tutoriel - Search tab

 Tutoriel - Espace recherche


This article deals with the actions available from the search tab in Squash TM.

The search tab is available in the 3 main workspaces of Squash TM: Requirement, Test case and Campaign workspaces.



1 – Bulk edition of test cases and requirement attributes

2 – Create a new iteration from the search option


1 – Bulk edition of test cases and requirement attributes

Obj: Once you have created requirements and attributes on Squash TM, you still have the possibility to edit anytime afterwards. The modification can be made on one particular test case or requirement. But it also can be done on several test cases and requirements at the same time.

As an exemple, we illustrate the bulk edition for several test cases from the Test case workspace.

Prerequisite: the user must benefit the right to write.

The modification of several test cases can be made on the following attributes:

- The importance
- The status
- The type
- The nature


NB: The bulk edition for the requirements occurs on the following attributes: criticality, category and status.
To make the desired changes, select the research assistant located in the toolbar above the library. icon_search_tab

Select the different criteria in the drop-down menu. Then, select the test cases to modify:



Use the button [Edit] to select the attributes to be changed and confirm:



With the search option, you can also directly edit the information in all columns from Reference, Label, Importance, Nature, Type and Status:



2 – Create a new iteration from the search option

Obj: creating a new iteration from the search space is a good mean to save time when working on a project. It allows to use existing test cases to create a new iteration.

The goal can be to test previous failed tests after a new delivery in order to validate the corrections.

Once you have selected the search tool, a new window opens. There, you can select the campaign or the iteration with the test cases you want to copy. For your information, you can choose at the same time several iterations and/or several campaigns from different projects.

Then, choose the test cases with the status “failure” in the [Execution] tab. You can choose several attributes at the same time.

For example, you can decide to create a new iteration with all test cases in failure but also with some passed test cases in order to verify the non regression.
There are many filters you can choose to search test cases (milestones, other attributes, ID..).


Once the required filters selected, click on [Search]. The window displays the right tests.

Select all the tests you want to add in your new iteration, then click on [Add]. A new pop-up opens. Now, you need either to choose an existing iteration or to create a new one by clicking [Add iteration].

If you create a new iteration, be sure to click on [Add] afterwards in order to link the selected tests to the new iteration.



With the Search option of the campaign workspace, you can also bulk edit the status of test cases. It works the same as the Search option of the Test case workspace: select the tests to be edited, click on [Edit], and choose the new status to be displayed.


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