The Squash TA team is back to work !


Since its very first release in 2011, Squash TA has seen its community of users grow sensibly. Many of you already chose Squash TA as the solution for their tests automation projects.

Thank to the community’s forum, we have come to know you better. Your questions and suggestions reflect new needs, based on current issues in tests automation universe.

As a consequence, the Squash Team is growing and stands ready to face these new challenges.


A fresh roadmap for new horizons

→ Upgrading on a regular basis the third-party tools and plugins attached to Squash TA releases and ensuring their compability.

→ Reenforcing links and integration with Squash TM.

→ Introducing more automation tools handled by Squash TA, open source (Cucumber ? FitNesse ?..) or propriatary (UFT ? Ranorex ?…).

→ Taking over future standards introduced by Agile approach (BDD ? ATDD ? …).

→ Adapting Squash TA to DevOps needs and to new issues regarding continuous quality improvement.

→ Extending the community of developers and enhancing the communication with our users.


Next Releases

Squash TA developers team announced today that the next release of their work will be launching within a couple of weeks… and the next one will be available this summer.

Mark your calendars !

•    Squash TA 1.10.0, April 2018

•    Squash TA 1.11.0, summer 2018

Following versions will be released at the same rate as Squash TM releases, which means 2 versions per year.

We won’t say anymore for now. More informations about Squash TA 1.10 available in April.


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