Squash TA 1.10.0 available April 20th !


Three weeks ago, you have been told that a new version of Squash TA was about to be released. We are almost there : Squash TA 1.10.0 will be available April 20th !

Upgrades affect the three components of Squash TA : the Toolbox, the Framework and the TaServer which involve from now a Jenkins 2. They confirm the compatibility of Squash TA with newest technologies.

Squash TA 1.10.0 is designed for a full-compatibility with java 8 and Selenium 3

Furthermore, some bugs detected by our users have been fixed and the Framework is enhanced with new fonctionalities such as a simplified repports generator and many DSL add-ons.



Squash TA 1.10.0 deeper in detail


Squash-TA Toolbox

The stable version of Squash TA Toolbox becomes 1.10.0-RELEASE.

It’s a brand new toolbox you’ll get here with the latests versions of all its components :

  • Maven 3.5.0
  • Eclipse oxygen 64 bits
  • Jailer 7.3.1
  • Sahi v51


Squash-TA Server

The stable version of Squash TA Server becomes 1.8.0-RELEASE.

The Jenkins involved in the TaServer upgrades to the version 2.89.2.

Among other changes : pre-configured settings of plugins GIT and Mercurial


Squash-TA Framework

The stable version of Squash TA Framework becomes 1.10.0-RELEASE.

To use this latest release, you must update the pom.xml file of your project(s) :




Besides the Selenium plugin upgrade, evolutions of Squash-TA Framework are plentiful. They affect both the driver layer and the plugins part of Squash-TA. 


Release notes are being prepared for publication, meanwhile here is a digest of the Framework’s improvements

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