2019/07/12 New version 1.20.0.
2019/04/13 New version 1.19.3.

Squash TM is an open source tool for test repository management: requirements management, test cases, campaign and more... Squash TM is full web and natively inter- and multi- projects. 

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Stable version : version 1.20.0(content) 
Pipeline version : version 1.21.0 (roadmap)
Due in S2 2019
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05/25/2018 New version 1.10.1

Squash TA is an open source tool that aims to rationalize and optimize automated tests. Using Selenium for web applications, it can also manage automated tests for batches and web services.

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Current version : version 1.10.1 (content) 
Pipeline version : version 1.11.0 (roadmap)
Projected end july 2017
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Squash TA 1.10.0 available April 20th !


Three weeks ago, you have been told that a new version of Squash TA was about to be released. We are almost there : Squash TA 1.10.0 will be available April 20th !

Upgrades affect the three components of Squash TA : the Toolbox, the Framework and the TaServer which involve from now a Jenkins 2. They confirm the compatibility of Squash TA with newest technologies.

Squash TA 1.10.0 is designed for a full-compatibility with java 8 and Selenium 3

Furthermore, some bugs detected by our users have been fixed and the Framework is enhanced with new fonctionalities such as a simplified repports generator and many DSL add-ons.



Squash TA 1.10.0 deeper in detail


Squash-TA Toolbox

The stable version of Squash TA Toolbox becomes 1.10.0-RELEASE.

It’s a brand new toolbox you’ll get here with the latests versions of all its components :

  • Maven 3.5.0
  • Eclipse oxygen 64 bits
  • Jailer 7.3.1
  • Sahi v51


Squash-TA Server

The stable version of Squash TA Server becomes 1.8.0-RELEASE.

The Jenkins involved in the TaServer upgrades to the version 2.89.2.

Among other changes : pre-configured settings of plugins GIT and Mercurial


Squash-TA Framework

The stable version of Squash TA Framework becomes 1.10.0-RELEASE.

To use this latest release, you must update the pom.xml file of your project(s) :




Besides the Selenium plugin upgrade, evolutions of Squash-TA Framework are plentiful. They affect both the driver layer and the plugins part of Squash-TA. 


Release notes are being prepared for publication, meanwhile here is a digest of the Framework’s improvements