API Rest Squash TM 1.0.2

The new version of Squash TM Rest API is now available for download (tar.gz | zip). It is compatible with the Squash TM releases 1.16 and after.

The API is a Squash TM plugin, the installation is then similar to the other plugins (see the article dedicated to the plugins installation).

This release will allow you for example to:

  • create, read, update and delete (CRUD) most of the Squash TM business objects (requirements, test cases, campaigns, executions, folders, projects...)
  • import attachments in Squash database
  • launch automated tests
  • manage projects (users and teams permissions)
  • ...

If you wish to have more information on its use, a documentation is included in the API and be read, once the plugin is installed, at the following adress:

<squash url>/squash/api/rest/latest/docs/api-documentation.html

This documentation is available on line here.

The documentation is also available in pdf format here.

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