Xsquash: a plugin to integrate Squash TM in the JIRA Agile workflow

Thanks to the brand new Xsquash plugin, Squash TM evolves to suit agile projects needs.


Overview :

Among the numerous assets of Xsquash plugin, here are some benefits of its use:

  • A smooth integration of Squash TM in the JIRA Agile workflow, allowing agile teams to share all kinds of information without changing their working habits.
  • Squash TM full potential is now available for agile tests: 
    • Agile tests and their repositories are now structured in Squash TM without overloading JIRA.
    • Provide an execution history and traceability.
  • The opportunity to manage agile and V model tests projects with one and only tool.
  • An information feedback about test reports in the JIRA user stories.
  • This plugin is highly configurable to suit any kind of organisation issues.



Xsquash detailed features:


A configurable synchronization to extract only the desired JIRA data in Squash TM:

  • Synchronization(s) of board(s), filter(s) and JQL query(ies).
  • Default synchronization of « Name », « Reference » and « Description » fields in a JIRA issue. Depending on your configuration, all other can also be synchronized, including personalized fields.


JIRA board directly reported in Squash TM workspace:
  • Automatic creation of a folder for each sprint.
  • JIRA user stories and subtasks are translated into requirements and sub-requirements in Squash TM.


Monitoring of test conception progression directly in JIRA:
  • Coverage of JIRA issues by Squash test cases.
  • Display on each JIRA ticket of a related test cases board and possibility to display their details, such as datasets and steps.
  • Display of a redaction rate and/or ratio.


Reporting of execution results directly in JIRA:
  • Display on each JIRA ticket of a board resuming related test cases latest executions and possibility to display their details.
  • Display of a verification and a validation rate and/or ratio.


A smart test plan conception in Squash TM:
  • Creation or update of test plan thanks to a dedicated wizard.
  • Step by step identification of all test cases related to a JIRA element (release(s), sprint(s) or JQL query(ies).