System requirements and prerequisites

System requirements:

  CPU RAM HDD OS Browser
Required Mono-core 1 Go dédicated 100 Mo Windows, Mac, Linux IE 11+, Firefox ESR, Chrome 13 +
Recommended Bi-core 2 Go dédicated 5 Go Linux Firefox or Chrome



  • Operating system: system able to run JVM
  Debian Centos/Redhat Autres Linux Windows
Recommended version Debian Jessie (8.0+) Versions 7+ - Windows server 2012
Launch as service? Yes,
script provided
script provided
To be set by the administrator Yes,
script provided
Automated installer? Yes,
with .deb
with .deb
Depending on OS No
Atomated update? Yes
(binaries and database)
(binaries only)
Depending on OS Non
  • Virtual machine: JVM 1.8 (from Squash TM 1.17, it is IMPERATIVE to use Java 8, Java 7 is not supported anymore)
  • Application Server: none (Squash TM embeds its own application server: Tomcat)
  • Database: MySQL 5.0+, but not MySQL 5.6, PostGres 9.1+ (Squash TM comes with an embedded H2 database for testing purpose only. H2 should not be used as production database.)
  • Recommended components:
    • Debian Jessie
    • MySQL 5.5+ (but not MySQL 5.6)
    • Mantis 1.3.0+, Jira 6 (free soap plugin) or Jira 6+ (commercial rest plugin)
    • Apache (web front end)