Squash TM new version 1.12.0

The new major version of Squash TM is now available for download. This version 1.12.0, brings many changes including a complete list detailed in the Squash TM roadmap.

In summary here are the main new features in this release :

  • Versioning test repository: the entire test repository can now be versioned with a new concept called 'Milestone'. With milestones, you can organize your particular versioned object libraries, create a new repository version from an existing version, synchronize both versions, and more! To discover these new features, you can consult the wiki, starting with tutorials dedicated to milestones (in English).Note: the management of milestones is disabled by default and therefore will not disturb those who do not have utility.
  • Custom Lists: it is now possible to create your own lists of information in Squash TM. These lists relate to the field 'Category' of the requirement and the fields 'Type' and 'Nature' of test cases.These lists are managed in the administration area, and then associated with different projects.Note: By default the standard lists are associated with projects.
  • New Papers tests and requirements: type of the reports 'Notebook' have been rewritten and are now generated in an editable Office format. They are also more efficient. These reports are included in the distribution (the old relations still exist but must be downloaded and installed separately).
  • Dashboard test case: it is now possible to click on the portions of the graphics to display the corresponding test cases.
  • Dashboard campaigns: a real progress graph vs. Forecast was added to the monitoring dashboard iterations.
  • Hide libraries: the folder tree can now be hidden to provide a larger working space, like what exists in space reports (available in all areas).
  • Keep formatting in export: the user can now choose whether to keep the formatting tags of type fields 'rich text' when exporting of test cases or requirement.
  • Advanced Settings: the technical parameters (eg size of attachments) that were originally be set in configuration files are now managed in the admin interface.The tab 'Test Plan' campaigns / iterations / test suites has been renamed 'Implementation Plan'.
  • Ergonomics: special attention was made to harmonize and standardize interfaces, and to present the different information and attributes of an object more clearly.

This version also loads many corrections. The full list can be found in Mantis or in the release notes.

Backward compatibility is of course guarantee.

However, as announced in October 2014, from 1.12 this version Internet Explorer 8 browser is no longer supported (minimum 9 release is required with this version). Likewise, a JVM 1.7 is required from this version.

The connector to the bugtracker Mantis is always embedded in this distribution. If you use other plugins bugtracker, the current versions are compatible with version 1.12 Squash TM (for the record : 1.0.0 Bugzilla, Trac Bugtracker 1.0.0 and 1.1.1 Jira).