Squash TM

Stable versions

Squash TM versions are available under several formats:
.JAR : distribution for a quick and esay installation for evaluation purpose.
.ZIP : distribution for production on Windows OS.
.TAR.GZ : distribution for production under Linux and MAC OS.

The current production version is the 1.15.1.RELEASE (release note) :

The previous stable version is the 1.15.0.RELEASE (release note) :


NB : with thie version 1.13 and after, Tomcat is the applicative server (instead of Jetty).

Please read our Wiki for the Installation instructions.

You may donwload other previous versions here: older versions.

Squash TM plugins

Plugins compatible with version  1.14.0.RELEASE+ (included 1.15.X)  :
Plugins compatible with version 1.13.0.RELEASE to 1.13.4.RELEASE  :

Plugins compatible with versions 1.12.1.RELEASE and 1.11.4.RELEASE :

Plugins only compatible with versions 1.12 :

NB : Squash TM 1.12 version embedded a new version or these reports. This plugin is the older version.

Squash TA

Stable version

Squash TA is composed of two complementary distribution: a toolbox for the workplace of the automatisation tester, and a second one for the test automation execution server. For more informations on Squash TA and its distribution, please read 'Squash TA overview'.

The current stable version of Squash TA Framework is version 1.9.0-RELEASE (release note). In order to use this latest version, you have to update your pom.xml file:


 The current stable version of Squash TA Toolbox is version 1.9.0-RELEASE (release note):

The current stable version of Squash TA Server is version 1.7.1-RELEASE (release note):

Squash TA plugins

Coptible plugins with Squash TA Toolbox:

NB: This plugin is embedded in v1.7.1-RELEASE Squash TA Toolbox distribution and further.



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