Squash TM Wiki

We are happy to announce the release of the Squash TM wiki. It replaces and enriches the documentation which was available on this site.

This wiki is dedicated to users and developers. It is up to date with the latest version of Squash TM (v1.5.0).

The wiki is divided into 5 sections :

- FAQ.

- User guide : This guide presents all the necessary information to the use of Squash TM.

- Administration Guide : This Guide presents all the information about the Administration workspace (Projects management, Users Management, Customized fields management, bugtrackers, welcome page and login).

- Installation guide : This section introduces all the installation and configuration procedures of Squash TM.

- Developer guide : This part aims at providing information to help you start your development on Squash TM. It will be progressively completed in address to our contributors.

Like the Squash TA wiki, the Squash TM wiki is an important contribution to the project. We hope it will enhance the user experience on Squash TM.

Wiki access